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Director of Finance

Municipality of Hall Beach

Municipality of Hall Beach has an employment opportunity for the position of Director of Finance who would report to the Senior Administrative Officer.

Responsibilities and Duties include but are not limited to:
  • Maintain all municipal finances
  • Oversee finance department and monitor all departmental activities
  • Prepare annual budgets
  • Prepare financial statements with attendant reconciliations and analysis
  • Develop financial policies as required
Qualifications required (minimum)
  • Recognized accounting designation with a minimum of 5 years related work experience
  • Knowledge of AccPac Advantage series or equivalent, Word, EXCEL and PowerPoint
  • Supervisory, time management, and problem solving skills
  • Public relations and interpersonal skills


The Municipality of Hall Beach offers a comprehensive compensation package including a northern allowance of $23,250.00 per annum and subsidized housing.  Salary will commensurate with experience.

Resumé should be forwarded to the attention of James Langille, Senior Administrative Officer, e-mail Ph. # (867) 928-8829 Fax (867) 928-8871.

Closing Date: Open until position is filled.

P.O Bag # 3
Hall Beach, NU 
X0A 0K0               
Phone: (867) 928-8829  Fax: (867) 928-8871





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ttccs`b # 3                           
niC/4, kNK5    sc`l`b: (867)-928-8829           
X0A 0K0                
h4vJf5: (867)-928-8871

Director of Finance Municipality of Hall Beach Nunavut

Expiry Date: 2017-12-20
Date Posted: 2017-11-20
Province: Nunavut
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